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    Aug 14, 2019 Alankit Team National Skills Registry

    Alankit Limited is a leading e-Governance service provider which offers efficient services for NSR registrations. Professionals applying for NSR Registration are required to visit the official website of Alankit from where they will be directed to the NSR website for creating a profile on the National Skills Registry. This involves a simple step-by-step procedure, as explained below:

    Step 1: The official website of Alankit contains a complete guide on the NSR. Before proceeding, make sure you have all the necessary details with you viz. PAN, passport number, etc.

    Step 2: On clicking the ‘register’ button, users will be led to a page where they must provide their details. They must thoroughly read the ‘terms & conditions governing your registration and usage of the system” and then, click on ‘I agree’ and ‘submit’ button.

    Step 3: Users will then be directed to a page wherein they should choose one out of three options viz. My Present Employer, My Future Employer and Registering at my own.

    Step 4: Personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, present address, permanent address, mobile number, email id, etc. must be carefully provided.

    Step 5: During the authentication of profile, users are required to choose a secret question and provide the answer. They must also choose a Login ID that should be greater than 5 letters and two passwords - for Login and Transaction.

    Step 6:Users must enter the word verification and click ‘Save & Continue’. An Acknowledgement number is generated.

    Step 7: They should furnish their educational details and click ‘submit and view’ to verify the information.

    Step 8: Users should attach their photograph along with signature in the Acknowledgement Form.

    Step 9: Onceregistration is complete, applicants must carry the form to the nearest Alankit POS (Point of Service) centre and provide their fingerprint data and photo identity proof viz. Aadhaar card , Voter ID, Pan Card, Driving License, Passport, etc.

    Step 10: An identification number called ITPIN is generated and sent to applicant’s email id. They will receive the NSR e-card within 20 days.

    How Can I Get NSR Acknowledgement Form?

    Upon the successful creation of the user profile under the National Skill Registry, an Acknowledge Form is created. Applicants are required to take a printout of the same and visit the Alankit POS centre. A dedicated agent at the POS will validate the applicant’s identity against the identity proof, accept and scan the NSR Acknowledgement Form for photograph, signature and biometrics. An Acknowledgement number will be generated which is an alpha-numeric number with 10 characters and ending with an alphabet. Using this number and the log-in password, applicants can access their profile by clicking on the option "Complete your Registration".

    What Are The Documents Required For NSR Registration?

    For registration under the National Skill Registry, applicants are required to carry a set of relevant documents for authentication when visiting the Alankit POS. They are explained below:

    • Acknowledgement Form: The Acknowledgement Form printed from NSR is an important document without which the registration process will not be complete.
    • Passport-sized photograph: Applicants are required to attach their passport-sized photograph on the Acknowledgement Form and duly sign it.
    • Proof of identity: Another vital document required for NSR registration. Applicants registering for the National Skill Registry are required to carry a copy of their identityproof. The documents which are considered as a valid identityproof for NSR registration include Employee ID card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Driving License or College ID card which must be less than one year old.
    • Registration Fee: In addition to the above documents, applicants must pay a registration fee of Rs 400 along with applicable taxes.

    How Much Does it Cost Me To Join And Use The System?

    As mentioned above, one is required to pay a registration fee of Rs 400 along with applicable taxes. Although, the initial registration fee is Rs.300 plus first year usage fees of Rs. 100 plus and applicable taxes. However, in order to prevent loss of access to the NSR profile, NSR-registered professionals must pay annual usage fees of Rs. 100 plusapplicable taxes. If payment has not been made over a period of time, registered professionals can still gain back the access to their NSR profile simply by paying all their arrears. Furthermore, if NSR-registered professionals decide to get a background check on their profile, they are required to make payment of background check feeto the Empanelled Background Checkers (EBC).

    How Many Days Does it Take To Get Nsr Itpin?

    The NSR ITPIN is generated during the process of NSR registration when the POS representative uploads the applicant’s details on the central system and after submission of fingerprints. Once the NSR ITPIN is generated by the NSR system, it is sent to the applicant’s registered e-mail address. Using ITPIN, professionals can access, review & update their profile in the NSR system. Usually, the NSR ITPIN is generated in a day. However, if the ITPIN is not generated even after 7 days of submission of fingerprints, applicants can raise their concerns by writing a mail to nsr@nsdl.co.in by providing their acknowledgement number and the POS location where fingerprints were submitted.

    Why Are Finger-Prints Required To Be Captured? Who All Can Access Finger-Prints Data?

    Through the National Skill Registry, the government aims to develop an industry-wide repository of employeescontaining background check information. This database is accessed by NASSCOM member companies and their global clients, guaranteeing that each NSR-registered professional is unique and well identified. This is done with the objective of supporting and augmenting industrys claim of benchmark information security environment in India. Hence, the uniqueness of every individual is established through biometrics, that is, fingerprints. Under NSR, professionals will have a life-time permanent profile that serves as an industry identifier similar to social security number. The NSR system makes best use of biometrics for defining the uniqueness of a new profile against already existing registered profiles. The biometrics (fingerprints) is not part of the NSR profile and cannot be accessed by even those companies who are authorised access by a registered professional. The sole objective of capturing fingerprints is only to safeguard the identity of the registered professionals and establish their credibility.

    How Can I Check My NSR Status?

    A registered professional can check the status of his or her ITPIN generationafter the successful submission of biometrics. Through assistance from Alankit, it can be easily done through the use of "Complete your Registration" option and entering the ‘Acknowledgement Number’ allotted to the applicant by NSR system as well as Log-in password established during NSR registration process. In case the ITPIN has been generated, then the system shall display it. If not generated, the system will only display the acknowledgement form.

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