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Alankit Limited, one of the group companies of Alankit, is the national distributor and preferred partner for Entrust Datacard Printers. The company offers instant printing solutions for plastic ID cards including the distribution of millions of multiple cards types like voter ID cards, Aadhaar cards, and health cards and also has accomplished a tremendous sale of printers over the number of financial years in the past. As smart Identity has gained momentum in the country, in keeping with the PM’s thrust on ‘Digital India’ drive, there has been a major demand in the system for plastic cards. Thus, the company strives to work efficiently towards increasing its sale numbers each year while being focused on assisting the public with faster services.


  • Faster availability of the card as compared to final ones allotted by the Government

  • Much more convenient to carry

  • Longer durability with limited wear and tear

  • Acceptable at all important places

Why Choose Alankit?

  • Trusted name in the market since years

  • High quality products and services, fast inculcating the advanced mechanisms

  • Simple and easy process and timely completion of orders

  • Professional support by technical experts for all related queries required