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Alankit aids the implementation and management of Paper to Follow (P2F) Process for the Cheque Truncation System through its comprehensive network of offices, which is an initiative of the NPCI to compress the clearing cycle for providing faster clearance of cheques. In order to maintain the smooth functioning of CTS, NPCI has proposed to adopt the agency arrangement basis to handle the P2F process at each of the Grid CTS centres on behalf of NPCI. The company simplifies the procedures for the Indian citizens to have easier access to their money in times of urgency.

Alankit Limited offers the service across 36 locations of India where the member banks of the local clearing house are present to execute the P2F session. Even if the presenting bank has no P2F cheques to handover, the physical presence of the bank representative is required to receive P2F cheques from other banks.

Points to Note:

  • A record of instruments transmitted with ‘Paper to Follow’ model shall be maintained by both the banks, to have appropriate control over the movement of paper instruments. According to the provisions of the N.I. Act, the drawee bank shall retain and preserve the physical instrument after making the payment thereof.
  • The banks are required to document the process flow and maintain adequate control mechanisms. It is important that special care and adequate physical checks be taken during rescanning of instruments and representation of instruments.
  • The drawee bank will be eligible to lodge return in the Clearing House, if the instrument in the “Paper to Follow” mode has not been delivered within the stipulated time, as indicated. If a “Paper to Follow” item gets returned citing reason - “Paper not Received”, the flag would be removed automatically by the system. The physical instruments will have to be returned in case the same have been received by the bank, under “Paper to Follow” type.
  • Leaving the clearing house premises without notifying any discrepancy will be construed as confirmation of receipt of all the physical cheques. No claims of non-receipt of physical instruments will be entertained at a later stage.
  • Only the persons authorized by bank shall come to the clearing house for collecting the physical cheques. The authorized person should carry the I-card duly issued by the bank and a letter of authorization to collect the instruments. NPCI will refuse entry to any person who could not produce the documents as stated above.


  • Faster Process

  • Hassle Free and Easy to Follow

  • Keeping better track of transactions

  • Minimal chances of fraudery

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