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Corporate Governance is a combination of systems, rules and practices that are directed at managing the affairs of the company and ensuring accountability. As part of its legacy and constitution, Alankit Limited focuses on achieving high standards of Corporate Governance and believes in its philosophy of transparency, commitment, fairness, accountability and dissemination of information that form the fundamentals of Corporate Governance.

The company strongly maintains and adheres to these core values of Corporate Governance in all areas of its operations. Alankit has steered several initiatives for maintaining the highest standards of Governance and believe that sound Corporate Governance is critical to enhance & retain stakeholders trust.

The Board of Directors of the Company is well-qualified, experienced and competent professionals. The Company’s Board comprises of 7(Seven) Directors and the constitution of Directors. There is an appropriate convening of board meetings on a regular basis along with a proper setup of committees of board of directors. Also, there are adequate internal financial controls and risk management in place and a formal pre-set code of conduct for the Directors and senior management is adopted by the Board.

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