National Skills Registry (NSR) - Benefits and Scope of NSR Registration |

Alankit has taken a potential lead in this segment as well with the successful registration of over 90% professionals through its varied POS set-ups in all major cities. Alankit expedites the practical implementation of this initiative taken by NASSCOM to develop a robust information infrastructure for all present and prospective employees of the industry known as National Skills Registry (NSR). Thus, the company helps in the development of fact sheet of credible, permanent and accessible information about each registered person and caters a transparent, safe and quick procedure.

An initiative by NASSCOM, the trade association of all the IT/BPO Companies in India, NSR is launched with the objective of developing authentic, permanent and accessible fact sheet of information about each registered person. The information is available and accessible by the industry and its clients with the authorization of such registered person.

Scope of NSR Registration

It seeks to connect the professionals working or hoping to work for the industry with the companies who need information about professionals for reference, hiring, client assignments etc. and background checkers who verify the information.

  • Right to register

    Every person working or aspiring to work for IT / ITES industry has a right to register him / her and create profile on this industry reference system.

  • Right to declare information

    Each person should register his/her correct and factual details relating to qualifications, experience and demographic information on the system. NSR does not collect information about employees / candidates from any source.

  • One person - one profile

    Each person can create only one profile on NSR thereby making their identity secure and credible. The created profile and information is permanent.

  • Information certification

    The person has a right to seek third party verification (certification) of the information thereby enhancing the information acceptability. Information may also be verified at the request of present employer company or a company authorized by registered person to access his / her profile.

  • Right to share information

    Registered person can choose to authorize a NSR registered company to view his / her profile. This ensures data privacy as only companies authorized by registered person can use the profile.

Benefits of NSR Registration

  • Creation of a permanent and unique profile on an industry-wide reference database driven by NASSCOM.

  • Enhanced credibility of registered and verified information.

  • No hassles of repeat background check for each employment, thereby speeding up joining formalities.

  • Transparent Background Verification Process.

  • Deterrent for competing job applicants with inflated and faked profiles.

  • Only the person will have access to the profile and can update it when changes take place.

  • Companies can view your profile only with your authorization.

  • You will know when companies authorized by you view your profile.

NSR Security Aspects

  • Self-Registration and Modification by Professional

  • Access Controlled by Professionals, no one can access without authorization

  • Secure Log-in, one password to log in and one password used as transaction password

  • Complete Audit Trail for all the relevant actions performed

  • Encrypted Data Transmission

  • Strong Password Management Policy


  • Which documents I require before visiting NSR POS?

    When visiting NSR POS offices, subscribers are required to carry vital documents along with them. The documents include the acknowledgement form printed from NSR with passport-sized photograph and duly signed by the subscriber. Also, subscribers are required to carry their proof of identity (POI) such as employee ID card, driving license, , voter ID card, passport or college ID card. The NSR POS is responsible for collecting the individual’s acknowledgement form, verifying the details along with proof of identity, collecting the biometric data (fingerprints) as well as the payment of registration fee which is Rs. 400 and applicable taxes. These documents are important without which the registration process cannot be completed.

  • What is ITPIN?

    ITPIN, also known as the Transaction Identification Number, is the NSR registration number of the subscriber and is generated at the NSR POS. The number is issued by the Point of Service upon submission of bio-metrics. The ITPIN is generated at the time of creation of the subscriber’s profile and it is sent to the email id which he or she has registered with NSR. To know the ITPIN, the subscriber should provide his or her valid email id during the registration process. He or she can check the status of ITPIN generation by using the acknowledgement number issued by NSR system and Log-in password on NSR website after completing the registration. In case a subscriber has forgotten his or her ITPIN, he or she can click on the ‘Forgot ITPIN link’ and provide any of the following information to search the ITPIN - acknowledgement number, TIN or combination of your Mother's maiden name and your date of birth as recorded on NSR.

  • How to Generate NSR eCard?

    With the support of efficient technology, the NSR system issues NSR eCard to the Knowledge Professionals registering with NSR. The registered subscribers can generate their NSR eCards on their own simply by using their respective login details. The NSR eCard holds the same significance as the NSR physical card but provides security and convenience by eliminating delayed receipt or loss of cards. To Generate NSR eCard, subscribers must access the “Already Registered, Access your profile” link on the NSR site and log into the site using their ITPIN, Log in ID and Log in Password. The next step is to access the link “Request for - Generate NSR eCard” on the menu to view your electronic card. A print out of the eCard can be taken, if required.

  • How many companies can I authorize at a time to view my data?

    Under the National Skills Registry system, there is no restriction on a subscriber for the number of authorizations he or she may give to companies requesting to view the profile. However, at any point of time, the number of authorisations which could be active cannot exceed 10. A subscriber may decide the period for which his or her resume or profile can be seen by each employer. The maximum duration is 60 days after which the authorisation will expire. If a subscriber wants, he or she can again authorise the same company. It is to be noted that the data and access thereto remains confidential. That is, the current employer may not know that the subscriber has authorised prospective employers to view his or her data.

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  • Complete transparency as well as confidentiality of the customers’ details is maintained.

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