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Overview, a web-based health and wellness portal from Alankit Limited, aims at securing and leveraging health records of the users to provide hassle free healthcare services. Its membership allows the users to store their health records and other health information online and access it anywhere, anytime. Having accurate health records and complete past information helps the healthcare providers to provide more effective treatment while reducing the chances of medical errors.

It also offers emergency access cards to its active users using which the service providers can see the medical information of the individuals in case of an emergency. The primary benefit of this feature is that the patient can be provided treatment without having to spend critical time to know certain essential medical information as needed prior to the treatment (i.e. blood group, current medications, etc.)

  • Online medical records storage classified according to the type of record [X-ray, MRI, Prescription, etc.]
  • Online consultation from expert doctors
  • Online appointment booking/second opinion with doctors
  • Discounted Pathological / Diagnostic tests, results of the tests uploaded on the user 's account
  • Doorstep pickup / delivery of medical records for uploading
  • Informative healthcare articles, tools, trackers, tips, free insurance advisory etc.

The portal provides a complete online one stop solution to customers offering the following services:


  • Maintaining the health records in a simple, instant and hassle-free manner

  • Ensuring the safety of the records and making it easily traceable for record reference

  • Necessary classification for quick referral when less time is available during emergencies

  • Effortless maintenance with no need to go anywhere for submitting documents

  • Access to other useful medical information related to one’s requirement

Why Choose Alankit?

  • Huge network of connections with the reputed names in the medical industry

  • Professional support by a team of experts at all times

  • Secure and structured storage of the medical records

  • Instant emergency assistance available at ease

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