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  • Get your PAN CARD in just a few minutes in 2021-Know How

    Oct 21, 2021 Alankit Team PAN Card

    With everything going digital, e-Governance has become a part of our mundane world! Getting a PAN Card in India is not a detailed process and pain anymore. With everything going digital, the process is further simplified and will process your request for your PAN Card within minutes, thus saving you from the hassles of filling an extremely detailed 2 pager form as earlier and submitting physical copies of the required documents. You can easily apply online for PAN Card and get an e-Copy in no time.

    PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a novel ten-digit alphanumeric code given by the Income Tax Department. PAN Card being the essential financial document is outfitted as a fundamental identity and address confirmation or proof. All citizens or taxpayers, who are needed to record Income Tax Returns, even on the behalf of others, should essentially have a PAN Card. Any person, who plans to convey monetary or financial exchanges where holding PAN is significant, ought to likewise have a PAN to lessen the opportunity of tax evasion as each exchange is recorded. In addition to being an essential document for identity proof, it is also used for purposes such as purchasing or selling a motor vehicle, opening a bank account, and many others.

    The Income Tax Department has recently propelled a new facility for all the taxpayers of the country which allows anyone who has an AADHAAR Card to be able to get their Pan Card straightaway online without any surcharge to the processing fee levied. With the widespread pandemic sending almost the entire country in lockdown, physically following the traditional method of applying for a PAN Card is completely out of question in 2021. A simple e-KYC method with your ADHAAR Card detail can propel your entire process in a matter of minutes.

    PAN is a unique identification number that enables each tax-paying entity of India with the following:

    • Proof of Identity
    • Mandatory for Filing Taxes
    • Registration of Business
    • Gas Connection
    • Financial transactions
    • Eligibility to open and operate Bank Accounts
    • Phone Connection
    • Mutual Fund – PAN is beneficial to complete e-KYC for mutual fund investments.

    Here is How Getting PAN Card in Minutes is Possible

    As an individual applying for a PAN Card online, you need to apply it by filling in Form 49AA or Form 49A. You can also visit Alankit’s official website and follow few simple steps mentioned to get PAN Card issued in no time. All you will need is two passport size photographs, a document for your identity proof, address proof, and proof for your Date of Birth. Following are the simple steps for PAN Card application:

    • You can simply download the PAN Card application form from the official website of Alankit or can obtain it from the nearest Alankit office.
    • After filling the PAN application form completely and correctly, you should submit the same to any Alankit’s center along with the relevant documents.

    Voila! This is an extremely simple and hassle-free process for applying and owning the PAN card online easily.

    Hitherto, applying for a PAN card used to be an extensive and wearisome process. Once applied for the Card, the applicant had to wait for longer durations to receive the PAN Card after a long waiting period. The government has now made a fast track provision through which applicants can receive their PAN Cards within two days of submitting their PAN application.

    Pan Card is not just an official document to be kept in your important documents labelled folder, it serves great purposes in every walk of your life. You need to have a PAN card when you go to buy or sell a vehicle. It also is an essential document for opening a bank account. Also, it is important to know that only one PAN Card is issued to an individual. Owning more than one PAN Card is completely against the country’s rule and a criminal offense in the court of law for which a penalty of up to Rs. 10,000 can be fined to the person in possession of multiple PAN Cards. Electronic PAN generally called e-PAN is just as authentic as physical PAN as it is a digitally signed PAN Card allotted in electronic form.

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