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NPS is a highly beneficial and farsighted contributory pension scheme that helps one build a fund for life’s second innings by investing some amounts periodically in the present. Alankit is the one-stop shop for resolving all the customer queries, grievances and providing guidance, support and all other services related to the NPS as a whole, right from the initial subscriber registration and undertaking the KYC verification to transmitting the information systematically further to the designated intermediaries in an uncomplicated manner.

National Pension Scheme - NPS Benefits

  • All citizens of Indian, both resident and non-resident and aged between 18 to 65 years, can join the scheme.
  • It is a voluntary scheme and flexible with regard to the amount one wishes to save for future.
  • There is a scope for selecting one’s own investment option and the pension fund as well as freedom to operate the account from anywhere across the country.
  • Tax benefits are available as under section 80 C of the Income Tax Act.
  • It is a properly regulated system with professional record-keeping and transparent fund management.

Why Choose Alankit?

  • Alankit is one of the first POP to be appointed by Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA), Govt. of India, to promote NPS in India.
  • Alankit has immense experience of dealing with over 100 corporate clients from the Private/Public sector with over 5 Lakh NPS accounts.
  • Alankit has a strong widespread presence, having 22 regional offices and over 2000 branches spread across the length and breadth of the country with Delhi alone having 12 branches.
  • Alankit also works in the capacity of CRA-FC, facilitation center for NPS CRA work. This gives the company an added advantage of faster PRAN generation and processing of NPS applications as compared with other POPs.
  • Alankit has also been appointed by UIDAI, Govt. of India, as Aadhaar Enrolment Agency and PAN Facilitation Center by Income Tax Dept. Such allied services are also offered to NPS subscribers for their benefit.

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It has come to our notice that some other hoax Companies are engaged in making use of website similar to Alankit or and have created Websites like are being copied and being illegally and fraudulently used as BC /CSP Company and are also using images of our website / CSP Point of Alankit for illegal display on it. One such example is found in Case of Assam Gramin Bank, where we are not Corporate BC, still some miscreants have displayed banner of Alankit CSP reportedly working for Assam Gramin Bank and have, thus, criminally associated the CSP Point with Alankit. Alankit does not own any CSP Point at that publicised location.

These entities have done this illegal act for cheating and misleading people. While such fraudulent entities have been causing dent in reputation of both Alankit and Bank, they are playing foul with Customer’s confidence in Alankit and the Bank/s concerned. Common people are requested to please do not get into the trap of such fraudsters/illegal websites. Alankit will not be responsible for any claims that are arisen out of any act not related to the transaction/ activity done in association with Alankit.

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